Psychotherapy 12: See above.

This week my therapist will go by: Oshkoshbegosh

Had a couple of weeks off. I’ve arrived at the last two sessions not being able to remember anything I’ve spoken about. So apparently I need to keep writing this blog. Otherwise I’m not gonna get anywhere. Errrgh. Effort. Fuck. Whatever. I’m back with a vengeance and a revelation. Or at least, a sticking things together in a somewhat coherent way …ation. I’m starting to get a fuller picture of why my mind might be the way it is. I.e.: Terrible.

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Psychotherapy 9: Got Any Spare Change?

This week my therapist will go by: He

I could barely string a sentence together today. I can barely remember anything we talked about. I suppose that’s because we barely spoke about anything. So instead, here’s some rambling, not-even-close-to-one-one-hundredth-baked philosophy.

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