The Fifth and Sixth Psychotherapising of Alexander: My Person Suit

These weeks my therapist will go by: Jennifer

You’ns who regularly read this blog may have noticed there wasn’t an entry last week. That’s because I went to Suffolk to build my grandmother a new PC. She paid me. I won’t pretend I did it out of the goodness of my own heart. As we all know, I’m a piece of shit.

Anyway, I was a¬†combination of away (0.5%), busy (0.5%) and lazy (99%). That’s why there was nowt. Luckily for you, I made notes of what happened in last week’s session. So today I present a double, back to back special of… you get the idea. It’s two posts in one. It’s 300-ish words extra. Quit while you’re ahead. This is going to get dark and probably tedious.

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Thinking is Hard

Thinking is hard. Right?

Okay, not all thinking. But lots of things are hard to think about. Not necessarily because they’re painful or might lead you to a railway line. But to actually consider and analyse something abstract in your brain. To hold it there and poke at it with other things you know, is difficult. Especially if it’s something you’ve only read about in passing or heard bits of mentioned by someone else. But whatever.

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